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At Corruven, we believe that sustainability and eco-friendly packaging must be the norm rather than the exception. Backed by a long history in corrugating expertise, Corruven now exclusively specializes in providing sustainable, cost-effective packaging solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of our diverse range of customers, worldwide.


With Corruven, producers can rest easy by knowing that positive contributions to the environment’s protection are achievable. Trust Corruven to achieve guilt-free packaging solutions that allow for drastically improved CO2 footprint reduction efficiency.

Corruven’s unique advanced manufacturing technology is designed to produce sustainable packaging solutions that replaces the plastic and non-biodegradable materials that are still being used in packaging, while ensuring that the products stay safe and secure by providing increased cushioning performance and stacking strength.


When we state that we are doing more with less, we mean that Corruven’s products achieve improved packaging protection (the “more” part!) efficiency by exclusively using recycled materials, that in turn are 100% recyclable (the “less” part!). Doing more with less… a winning mindset for us all!


CorrPack is a lightweight corrugated packaging material that is not only a performant alternative to foams and plastics but also engineered to act as a protective cushioning packaging material while being environmentally friendly, recyclable and biodegradable, made from recycled industry-waste kraft paper.


CorrPack’s unique shape optimizes the force to weight ratio by creating a lightweight and robust panel perfectly suited for protective packaging while also increasing stacking efficiency, that in turn improves on shipping capacity and minimized warehousing, resulting in savings in freight and storage space.


Available in two different versions that are best suited for their own applications, CorrPack can be shipped in full sheet formats or converted cuts, as best suited for the task at hand. No job is too big for CorrPack!

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Corruven cares for the earth and the environment

Corruven’s products are 100% recyclable

Corruven: The sustainable solution!

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