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Corruven is an innovation company born in 2006 in the Beauce region. The founding idea was to create a corrugated veneer panel, hence the name Corruven. The combination of veneer and corrugated shape was an innovative way of using the natural strength of the wood fibers.


In 2011, Corruven installed itself in Edmundston with the goal of designing a production line that would give it a proof of concept. Corruven is then into a major research and development phase and creates a multitude of innovative products.


In 2016, Corruven moves to the current location in St-Basile. This decision enables the next phase, which is building a production line that has enough productivity to successfully commercialize products.


Since that day, Corruven continues to build partnerships with international clients in the packaging and architectural sectors. Corruven multiplies potential applications at the base of its existence, an ecological friendly corrugated panel that offers a green solution to its partners.

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