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The Challenges and Advantages Sustainable Technology Faces Today
August 12, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Corruven

Sustainable technology is coming to mainstream attention around the world as more and more people want to go green and protect the environment. Whether this means installing solar panels to reduce electricity consumption or switching to biodegradable products, there are unique challenges and advantages.

You have to find ways to overcome these things to succeed, and knowing what they are allows you to prepare for them.

The Advantages of Sustainable Technology

Advantage 1 - Environmental Impact

  • One of the biggest motivators for sustainable technology is the environmental impact. This technology reduces the negative impact of systems on the immediate environment. For example, there are buildings that come designed to help remove smog from the immediate area. This can improve the air quality and reduce the CO2 emissions that pollute the air and drag the quality down.

Advantage 2- Never Runs Out

  • Sustainable technology is renewable. This means that you never have to worry about it running out. You'll never run out of wind to power your wind farm or sunlight to for your solar panels. This reduces the need to dig energy sources out of the ground, and this helps to keep the environment intact and healthy. It also doesn't poison the environment like some traditional man-made energy sources.

Advantage 3 - Less Maintenance

  • As long as you get professional installation, you'll have less maintenance overall with your sustainable technology. Periodic checks and preventative maintenance keeps things operating, and from there your system can run itself. 

The Challenges of Sustainable Technology

Challenge 1 - Starting Costs

  • One of the biggest challenges of sustainable technology is the larger starting costs you have to have. For example, adding new insulation to keep heat from escaping your home or installing a new roof would be a home improvement, but it costs a lot of money to get the contractors out. Buying a hybrid vehicle to improve your fuel consumption can cost thousands more than buying a traditional vehicle without hybrid technology.

Challenge 2 - Not Enough Savings to Justify the Costs

  • The overall goal of using sustainable technology or building an energy-efficient home is to reduce your environmental impact and save over the long term. Green technology tends to use less energy, and this allows you to recoup your initial costs over a span of several years. The challenge lies in the fact that the savings you generate are often less that you expect when you first install it. The technology can't make up for the initial cost fast enough to be economically viable, especially for individuals or smaller businesses.

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