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A Closer Look at Our Services 
April 30, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Corruven
alain ceo

  Now that we've properly introduced ourselves, let's take a closer look at the many services we provide. Our Corrugated technology is an incredibly versatile material, and it isn't just for constructing boxes anymore. We pride ourselves on our innovation with this unique material, bringing the corrugated shape and the strength it provides to sustainable materials like wood as well. Here's what we offer our clients. 
Sustainable Packaging 
Packaging is the most common use for cardboard and other corrugated materials, but we don't stop at just boxes. We also create protective packaging. 
Edge Crush and Stacking Protection 
When you need to stack boxes, especially heavy ones, the sides and edges of the boxes can buckle under the weight of those above them. If the warping is bad enough, the products inside the boxes can be damaged as well. Using our corrugated technology vertically adds strength to the sides of the box to prevent them from bending or buckling under heavy loads. 
Void Fill and Cushioning 
In many cases, the box you are using won't fit your product exactly, so you'll need to fill in the gaps to prevent items from shifting in transit. Rather than using packing peanuts or other styrofoam fillers, which can be harmful to the environment, you can use corrugated cardboard. This innovation keeps your products secure in the boxes, minimizing the risk of damage when going over bumps and around turns. 
Edge and Corner Protection 
The edges and corners of boxes can get dented or otherwise damaged as you move boxes around. Sheets of corrugated wood can bolster the edges and corners so that they can't cave in if they sustain a knock, bump or drop. This way, your packaging will still look great when it is delivered to your customers. 
Unique Design Materials 
As we said before, packaging isn't the only possible use for corrugated materials. We also utilize this versatile style in a variety of design projects. 
This is our innovative line of sustainable acoustic panels. By interlocking various curved panels, we have created wall coverings that diffuse sound and trap it behind the panels to reduce the ambient noise in the environment. This is a great choice for busy restaurants, making it easier for guests to hear their conversations over the clattering of dishes and silverware. 
3D Series 
These three-dimensional wall coverings can add visual interest to just about any space. With waves and curves throughout the material, you'll get a wall covering that creates texture for a unique look that is sure to attract attention. Try using this for an accent wall to make it really stand out. You could even apply this material to your ceiling for an unexpected surprise. 
This is our high-performance paneling. It is sustainable and environmentally friendly, just like the rest of our products. The added strength of this material makes it an ideal choice for structural applications in architecture where the durability of the materials matters. Of course, it can also be used for decorative purposes, letting the natural beauty of the material shine through. 
Learn More about Our Corrugated technology Innovations 
Whether you are looking for sustainable packaging to protect your products or decorative materials for your business, corrugated materials could be just the answer you are looking for. We strive to create innovative products that are sure to benefit our customers. We invite you to reach out to us today to learn more about our sustainable corrugated materials. We'll be happy to help you evaluate your options to decide if our materials are right for your needs. Call now to get started.