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Corruven's CEO at the ISTA Forum event
May 13, 2019 at 2:00 PM
by Shedlyne Denise Bélanger 
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Hello Uveners, 

Hope your weekend was amazing. This week, our very own CEO Alain Bélanger will be an attendee at the annual ISTA Transpack Forum in the Mile-High City Denver, Colorado.

 ISTA is an organization that saw the light for the first time on August 9th, 1948, under the name of the National Safe Transit Committee (NTSC). This committee went out to put together the first ever standard shipping test to predetermine a packaged products' ability to withstand average transportation shocks.

As the years pass, the name was changed to International Safe Transit Association and the organization focus’s shift on better testing protocols to simulate the actual hazards and levels of intensity found in the distribution of goods in a global market. 

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 This organization’s now allows us to exchange information, ideas and collaboration by providing a balance of valuable presentations, case studies, research and solutions for worldwide leaders within the packaging industry like Amazon 126, IBM, DOW, Sealed Air, Veritiv & more through this amazing event call ISTA Forum.

We’re happy to be present again this year and we wish everyone attending a great show.

Have a great day everyone.

P.S: More news and photos coming soon, stay tune!