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One of the greatest Summit ever!
April 2, 2019 at 11:00 AM
by Corruven

Two weeks ago, the Corruven leaders : Alain Bélanger & Scott Philippe attended one of the most prestigious summits in all North America : The American packaging summit.

Held in Chicago, Illinois in the Westing Lombard Yorktown Center, the event was said to be incredible.

Both of the Corruven met with influential brands like Newell Brands, Constellation Brands, Alliance Laundry System & many more.


The summit that reunites key leaders like Coca-Cola, IBM, Amazon, Unilever, Nike and P&G together to discuss game-changing sustainable ideas and practices within the packaging industry, was also a great opportunity for Alain Bélanger, CEO & Founder of Corruven to give a talk titled:  Rapid Innovation via Sustainable Collaboration.  

Within this talk Mr. Bélanger spoke about where the world is going and how you can leverage your ideas into actions using key innovations. He also spoke about how we were able to grow high-performance technologies that people want and need. And finally, how you can optimize the power of partnerships & collaborations.

40703670793_56030d22af_b (1).jpg

For anyone curious about the said talk, we've included the presentation at the link for you to download below.

Presentation here

We would like to thank all of our supporters that made our presence at the APS (American Packaging Summit) possible and the whole Corruven team for their hard work. We wish for all the brands to have found a great partner to collaborate on sustainable development goals together. 

Have a great day everyone!