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Bruno Volpé, CEO

Holder of a bachelor's degree in business administration with honors, Bruno Volpé stands out thanks to his mobilizing leadership and his determination to transform difficulties through opportunities. He has held the position of CEO since 2019 and has been passionate about sports, especially judo, since a very young age!


Daniel Thériault, COO

With more than 20 years of experience in retail, Mr. Daniel Thériault began his career as a co-owner of a food retailer. He distinguishes himself within Corruven for his logistical expertise and his ability to set up effective mechanisms to maximize resources. His community involvements make him an exemplary leader for the company!


Éric Bélanger, CFO

Éric Bélanger is certified with a Master of Business Administration accompanied with more than 20 years of experience in business intelligence and information technology. Involved in all departments, he contributes greatly to financial development and strategic decision-making. In addition to being passionate about numbers, Éric is also passionate about percussion and hockey!

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André Guerrette, Production Director/IT

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of information, André Guerrette specializes in computer, network and server infrastructure. Thanks to his varied background, he has developed resilience, entrepreneurial skills and the ability to adapt easily. Passionate about mountain biking, Mr. Guerrette contributes greatly to the success of Corruven!


Éric Bossé, Technical Director

With a career of more than 22 years in the construction and manufacturing industries, Eric Bossé stands out thanks to his knowledge of various transformation processes. He acts as a common thread between the different components of the organization. As a mountain bike fanatic, Mr. Bossé encourages his team to show positivism and confidence on a daily basis!

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At Corruven, we have made it our mission to work with industry leaders worldwide to create game-changing solutions towards building a truly sustainable future.


 We are a technology company specializing in the manufacture of products for the architectural and packaging markets.

 At Corruven, we help our clients to reduce total costs, diminish their environmental footprint, reduce logistical costs and create new growth opportunities.

 We believe it’s all about using materials in a smarter way to get more performance from fewer resources.

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Corruven is an innovation company born in 2006 in the Beauce region. The founding idea was to create a corrugated veneer panel, hence the name Corruven. The combination of veneer and corrugated shape was an innovative way of using the natural strength of the wood fibers.


In 2011, Corruven installed itself in Edmundston with the goal of designing a production line that would give it a proof of concept. Corruven is then into a major research and development phase and creates a multitude of innovative products.


In 2016, Corruven moves to the current location in St-Basile. This decision enables the next phase, which is building a production line that has enough productivity to successfully commercialize products.


Since that day, Corruven continues to build partnerships with international clients in the packaging and architectural sectors. Corruven multiplies potential applications at the base of its existence, an ecological friendly corrugated panel that offers a green solution to its partners.

At Corruven, we present a multitude of innovations. We have managed to create packaging and architectural products that are not only high performance, but also environmentally friendly and biodegradable.


Thanks to our circular economy process, we have been able to optimize our natural resources as well as logistics costs.


Our technologies and innovative machinery permits the corrugation of our materials to align the fibers of the product allowing for a better protection.


The given shape optimizes the force/weight ratio in order to create a lightweight and robust panel while taking into account the resources used, keeping our company green and sustainable..



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Fiberflute is a sustainable packaging solution that is now available all around the world, thanks to a partnership between Nefab Group AB and Corruven Canada Inc. Through Nefab's global footprint and exclusivity of Corruven's Fiberflute, customers can protect their products while minimizing total costs and environmental impact.

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