Sustainable Packaging By Design

Step back from harmful plastics and EPS foam with our two high-performance protective packaging materials: CorrPack RE & CorrShield.
The Corruven patented technology material

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    CorrPACK RE 100% recyclable, made from recycled fibers. Our go-to packaging material.

    CorrPACK RE is a fully recyclable fiber based packaging material developped by Corruven that offers good compressive strenght and nesting properties. The product is laminated construction that combines 100% recycled fibers and a corrugated shape. It is used as a protective packaging for end caps, pads, edge protection, cushioning and more. The possibilities are endless!

  • CorrSHIELD 100% biodegradable , made from recycled fibbers and repurposed wood veneer for added strenght and moisture

    Corrshield is a high performance industrial packaging material develop by Corruven that offers exceptional strenght and has a high water restistance. The product is a veneer based composite that combines wood's high tensile strenght, a corrugated shape, and green chemistry. It can be used for edge crush, corner posts, reel protection, pallets, crates, and more. Ask us how we can customize this material to cater to your packaging requirements.

What are your needs ?
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Edge Crush & Stacking
Problem: Stacking in warehouse and trucking

Desires: Eliminate foam, Reduce package damage & less truckload

If you recognize yourself in the problems and desires, then this solution is for you.


Void Fill & Cushioning
Problem : Vibrations & damages during transportation

Desires: Remove virbation, longer duration of the product, faster assembly time, and lack of EPS foam.


Edge & Corner Protection
Problem: Damage goods

Desires: Protection for door to door delivery, solidify the box, no EPS foam and protected content.


What you are searching for isn't in the list?

Have no fear, at Corruven we aim to develop a solution tailord to YOUR needs.